5 Tips for Choosing Furniture Fabric


With so many options available, it is important to choose the fabric for your furniture wisely. Each choice comes with a collection of pros and cons that you need to consider. The first thing to note is how it matches the style of your interior. Secondly, you need to make sure you’re choosing the highest quality fabric that is both durable and comfortable. Today, people prefer tapestry, jacquard, flock, velvet, vinyl, natural and artificial leather. Each of the materials has both advantages and disadvantages. Please contact us for availability and our recommendations. Now, let’s consider the different fabric choices below.

Your Guide To Choosing To The Right Fabric

When choosing a fabric, determine the room in which the furniture will be found (entrance hall, hall, living spaces or office), how often it will be used, and whether there are small children or pets in your facility (because they like to sharpen their claws and often shed). Additionally, consider the following when it comes time to make a purchase:

  1. It should be noted right away that natural fabrics are, of course, excellent. They look more expensive and are exceptionally airtight. Still, they have a significant disadvantage – their aesthetic benefits fade with time and are less durable than your other choices.
  2. As for the velour coating, it has several advantages: it looks luxurious, soft and warm to the touch; it is easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner; it is also washable. However, it is worth considering its drawbacks: Any stain, be it juice, coffee or from other liquids will be difficult to clean, and it is unlikely you’ll be able to do so on your own. Velour is also prone to hair loss and rapid damage, so if the furniture is used as a bed or for frequent social gatherings, it is better to choose a different material.
  3. For places around animals, then a flock is a great choice. It is a non-woven material that resembles velvet in appearance. Its main feature is moisture resistance, so if there are spills of some liquid on it, you will have time to clean it up and prevent stains. However, it is not recommended to use fabric for furniture in the kitchen or dining room, as this fabric absorbs odours and holds onto them for a long time.
  4. Tapestry, jacquard and shinil are quite expensive materials. Still, the price, in this case, justifies the quality. Since they are environmentally friendly and have a high-strength, they will retain a presentable appearance for many years. It’s also quite easy to keep them clean and free of contaminants. However, if the furniture will be in a sunny room, then it is better to choose a different fabric, as their colors fade quickly when exposed to UV rays.
  5. It is good to use leather (or leatherette) as fabric for furniture that will stand in the office or that is not used frequently because it will wear out quickly. It is best to avoid it in areas with small children or animals, as this material deteriorates from any mechanical damage (clearly visible cracks and scratches appear).

Keep all these tips in mind when it comes time to choose your material. By making the right choices, the furniture will not only give you that cozy feeling and emphasize the wonderful style of your interior but it will also serve you for many years.

FR Systems International is your place for professional fabric that can serve your every need. With over 30 years of experience in providing fire retardant, technical and industrial textiles to several fields (including medical textiles, school housing, and furniture), FR Systems will provide durable, reliable textiles for your needs. Please visit frsystems.ca for further inquiries.

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