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Interlining Sock Solutions

The Inner-liner / Sock Solutions Group of FR Systems, provides knitted solutions (fabrics and pre-cut socks) for foam mattresses and pillow accessories. We supply 100 % cotton circular knits for natural bedding manufacturers as well as technical FR knits for manufactures seeking open flame-resistant compliance i.e. CFR 1633 / CAL 129, CAL 133

From 12” to 60” Tubular our Interlining Fabrics and Socks provide:

  • Protection from Ultraviolet Fading & Improved Abrasion;
  • Hides foam imperfections on the show room floors;
  • Tighter corners and contours;
  • Increases Foam resilience i.e. quicker “bounce back”; and
  • FB and FRx socks and fabrics will facilitate full scale: FR Tests CFR 1633, CAL 129, CAL 133.
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