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Spacetex M

Spacer fabric is everywhere! Found in golf bags,  backpacks, car seat cushions, bras, this fabric’s naturally ventilating properties make it perfect for everyday use.  Technically, spacer knits are double-layered circular knits with a cushion of air and “spring-like” yarns between the two sides. This unique fabric construction is knit in one continuous operation. Although it looks multiple fabrics bonded together, it is actually one. Additionally, Spacetex M’s soft hand and resilience reduces force, making it ideal for surfaces of pro-longed rest.  Heat and vapour leave the body, moving to this highly permeable layer.

Then, the cool air provided by this naturally ventilating pushes out the heat and vapor, providing temperature control and maximum air circulation.  Spacetex M utilises a  proprietary pill resistant yarn making it extremely durable.

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Spacetex M




300 GSM


Silver, black polyester spacer circular mesh

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