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CoolMax GBR

CoolMax GBR

CoolMax GBR is a specifically-engineered technical fabric that offers superior moisture wicking capabilities and easily allows heat to pass through it.  Its the perfect fabric for mattress protectors and health care accessories. The Coolmax Get Better Rest Logo are knitted into the fabric to promote the fabric’s unique features.
Coolmax fibres have a four-channel, oblong-shaped structure that quickly absorbs sweat and moisture from the skin, and disperses them in all directions onto the larger surface. This makes vaporisation extremely fast, keeping you dry at all times. Coolmax GBR dries 5 times faster than regular cotton.
  • Protects Against Dust Mites, Fluids, Perspiration and Allergens
  • Features a proprietary Urethane Membrane that’s waterproof, but unlike waterproof fabrics is noiseless and breathable

Style No.





350 GSM


100% polyester + Polyurethane backing

Technical Specifications

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