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FRx Tex

FRx Tex

FRx Tex is a powerful non woven fire barrier that facilitates compliance with open flame contract furniture tests such as  CA TB 133.  FRx Tex is especially effective on chairs that because of design or materials are difficult to pass CA TB 133. Under a full scale fire test, FRx Tex Fire Barrier is exposed to flames coming in contact with the upholstery fabric. The barrier begins to form a char that helps to block the fire’s access to the combustible materials beneath the surface. It also releases chemistry that acts as a fire fighting agent that slows the progression of the fire on the outside fabric. FRx Tex is extremely easy to handle and it will not compromise the feel and comfort of the seating article.


Style No.






4.5 OZ / SQ YD


Proprietary Modacrylic Polyester Blend

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