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FRx 5000 – fire and fluid protection system

FRx 5000 – fire and fluid protection system

FRx-5000™ is a water-based coating system designed to make foam fire and fluid resistant. For the benefit of infection control, FRx-5000™ films can be cleaned and disinfected with neutral soap and warm water. The FRx5000™ film functions to block the transmission of foreign fluids, allergens and dust mites. FRx-5000™ facilitates a long lasting clean and hygienic environment for seating foams.

As a fire barrier, FRx-5000 creates a powerful barrier that insulates the sensitive urethane foam from combustion.

Best of all FR x treated foams are performance enhanced.  The FRx membrane acts as a protective shield against perforation and abrasion.



Extremely easy to process and apply .


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Proprietary Synthetic Rubber blend

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