Healthcare Upholstery and Their Advantages

Medical Fabrics for Healthcare

In the medical field, every choice is vital in assuring the health, safety, and comfort of your patients. As the study of medicine continues to make strides in both information and technology, so too does the need for better client service grow. Even choosing the right upholstery and textiles for the medical field can have a huge impact on a patient’s well-being. Your choices can create a better space for your patients by accelerating the healing process, keeping the necessary spaces clean and sterile, and they can ultimately increase a patient’s life expectancy.

The primary goal of all medical institutions is providing quality care and comfort for their clients. Healthcare upholstery only makes it easier for the industry to provide to its clients this top service, and it can do so through a wide range of products:

  • waterproof mattress covers;
  • waterproof covers for beds, armchairs, couches;
  • waterproof pillowcases;
  • reusable diapers;
  • waterproof rugs for animals;
  • zipper covers for mattresses;
  • linens;
  • pillows;
  • mattresses;
  • blankets;
  • bedspreads; or
  • plaids.

All products are made of improved fabrics that are durable and waterproof, so they will last longer and need to be replaced less. In this way, healthcare upholstery increases the care provided to clients and the efficiency with which care can be provided.

Furniture Covers

The furniture covers come with a polyurethane treatment that keeps your facilities safe and sanitary. The treatment protects medical furniture from contamination by chemicals and biological fluids. These treated tissues have antibacterial, antifungal, antistatic, and anti-allergenic properties for even better client care. This membrane even provides 100% protection against unwanted moisture, and at the same time, gives the product the ability to breathe due to its microporous structure. Polyester fabric and viscose tolerate washing, serve for a long time, and do not lose their functional qualities.

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If desired, the fabric can be treated with impregnation against:

  • dust mites and dust,
  • allergens, and
  • microbes.

These tissues are safe for young children, people with weak immune systems, and people with respiratory problems.

Even diapers are made with materials characterized by absorbent properties that ease the task of caring for both newborns and bed patients.

Membrane tissues

The range of membrane tissues – products that are additionally protected by a sewn-in polyurethane membrane – provide these features:

  1. Repellant against fluids and contaminants,
  2. Keeping dust out of the airways,
  3. Protecting product from dust mites, and
  4. Allowing the product to breathe due to its microporous structure.

Coated fabrics

Coated fabrics are meant to be used for a variety of medical purposes:

  • Surgical wards and inpatient wards,
  • Sanatoriums,
  • Health-improving complexes, and others.

Medical waterproof fabrics are made of polyester with additional PVC coating.

Below are different kinds of coated fabrics which can be used for a number of purposes in medical institutions:

  1. Wipedown Vinyl – the material is instantly cleaned with a rag or water, which guarantees round-the-clock operation without spending on product replacement;
  2. Bielastic – this polyester fabric coated with polyurethane repels moisture and assures that it will retain its functionality after years of use;
  3. Bielastic Economical – a soft tissue, comfortable for the patient and easy to maintain; and
  4. Bielastic Double – consists of a 2-layer polyurethane coating and polyester.


Modern medicine never stands still. As the medical field continues to improve its knowledge and techniques, so too should customer service standards improve. Whether it is a preventative sanatorium or a professional surgical institution, care for the client and their comfort should always come first.

Medical Fabric Care – Be Careful

By purchasing medical fabrics for healthcare upholstery, the work of your staff becomes very straightforward: Your furniture will clean easily and prevent serious issues that arise from poor sanitation. It is convenient for medical institutions of any type: hospitals, sanatoriums, laboratories, maternity hospitals, nursing homes, and preventive treatment centers.

FR Systems International is your place for professional fabric that can serve your every need. With over 30 years of experience in providing fire retardant, technical and industrial textiles to several fields (including medical textiles, school housing, and furniture), FR Systems will provide durable, reliable textiles for your needs. Please visit for further inquiries.

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